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TAHAWUS CULTURAL CENTER's  mission is to create, develop, and present works and ideas that connect artists and audiences, children and adults, and to strengthen and enliven communities through diverse exposure, access to, quality training and participation in the arts. 


As a gathering place for learning and a catalyst of community growth, Tahawus Center engages people with a range of expressions in the arts and humanities including activities in art, dance,, music, symposia, and community events.  Tahawus serves as a vital space where children and adults come together around familiar and unfamiliar topics.  Through partnerships and collaborations with local businesses, funding organizations, educators, artists, and ideas-filled individuals, the Tahawus Center is proud to play a key role in supporting and inspiring its community - and its visitors.

TAHAWUS  CENTER, Au Sable Forks, is a 3-storey, former Masonic Lodge built in 1911..  Acquired by Appleby Foundation, Inc. (501c3). in 2009, it was in long-neglected condition.  Appleby Fdn. began to focus efforts on the revitalization of its small town, contributing activities in the arts.  Today, after many and ongoing renovations and improvements, all made possible by crowdfunding, local business and grant support, volunteers and donors, and by much elbow grease, Tahawus brings programs of culture, health, and education to youth and adults, to residents and visitors, adding to the arts movement in Ausable Valley region.  The Tahawus Center was added to the New York State Register of Historic Places in 2021.


The upper two floors are home to Windows Gallery and Cloudsplitter Dance Studio,
where over 1500 visitors have enjoyed events, classes, celebrations and explorations. 

Cloudsplitter Dance Studio:   From 1987 until it closed its doors in 2019  NYC-based Rebecca Kelly Ballet produced and presented high level, dance-based activities throughout the northern Adirondacks.  Some activities were also offered at the new Cloudsplitter Studio: including various dance classes for youth, and dance rehearsal space, senior adult movement classes, private instruction and choreography for advanced ballet students. The dance studio provided the North Country Ballet Ensemble with a central location for preparation of their regional fall production of The Nutcracker Ballet, involving over 65 young dancers (and their families. 

Tahawus Windows Gallery:  Wide-ranging exhibits and symposia shine a spotlight on the talent and vision of local and visiting artists and educators.   HIGHLIGHTS!  Look for the upcoming ONLINE Gallery Exhibits:   10-Year Retrospective Celebration in 2020.  Spanning the exhibits of our first decade, selections by local visual artists including Arto Monaco, Rockwell Kent, Mark Hobson, Jeri Wright, Todd Bissonette and MANY others, can be seen - at your leisure.  To date Tahawus Gallery has produced 32 exhibits featuring over 65 artists in  group and solo shows, and always offered FREE to the public. 

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2010 - present
2010 - present
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